Do you have eyes behind your head ??? Oops! Something is wrong ! Why are Chippo Tours vacationers so distraught? Look through the eyes of Angela, the shocked guide ... the puzzle image represents what they see behind the hotel manager and the staff who greet them. The only clues you have are the silhouettes of part of the puzzle on the back! And yes, Wasgij puzzles are not quite like the others! Your imagination will be strained without a real model of the puzzle to assemble.

For those who want an original humorous puzzle to piece together, the Wasgij are made for you! Adults and children will be able to try their hand at Wasgij since the manufacturer, Jumbo, offers the possibility of assembling puzzles from 150 to 1000 pieces. Will you take up the challenge of building a puzzle from the Wasgij range? You will see, you will very quickly become addicted to it! In addition to relaxing you, the comic scenes performed by the artists will have a lot of fun for you.