A vertical or panoramic puzzle gives the image an effect of breathtaking size! An illustration or photograph is highlighted thanks to the vertical format. Rediscover the most beautiful monuments from around the world, animals, portraits or even landscapes through panoramic puzzles that give an impression of endless length! You will find in this category puzzles for adults but also for children with illustrations for each age. Even the most famous Disney characters are appearing! These pretty tables are composed of a hundred pieces, 1000 pieces or even more than 2000 pieces for more experienced puzzlers.

The vertical puzzle is a nice gift to give whatever the occasion. This long format brings an original and modern decorative touch. The puzzles also reproduce works of art made by graphic designers or painters. The Puzzle Boulevard site has selected very beautiful puzzles for you to discover and assemble to the delight of puzzlers. The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, New York, which of them will you fall for?