250 to 499 pieces jigsaw puzzles

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Our selection of puzzles from 250 to 499 pieces presents images and themes intended for children and young adults with puzzle formats accessible from 9 years old. With many heroes and characters from cartoons or television series. Progress at your own pace with Violetta, the Disney princesses or even the most trendy monster girls from Monster High and then progress to art puzzles like adults!

Find on the Puzzle Boulevard website a whole collection of photos and illustrations on various and varied themes. With a larger number of rooms, children will have the opportunity to open up to broader themes. The selection covers many subjects in order to satisfy the slightest desires of the little budding puzzlers. They have the choice between shaped puzzles licensed by Cars, Disney but also 3D shaped to represent the most famous monuments around the world. Animals in all their states make their cinema and offer children magnificent visuals that are more natural.